It is a training method that uses a large number of variable exercises and exercise styles and aids and thus comprehensively involves the whole body. NIt helps to strengthen the body and activates efficient fat burning. By keeping your heart rate higher throughout the workout, it supports the activity of the cardiovascular system and stimulates metabolism.

Circuit training includes 4 to 15 stations assembled into an imaginary circle. The exercises are chosen to load different muscle groups alternately. Exercises are performed at specified intervals to maintain the correct heart rate. By keeping the heart rate at a higher level during the whole exercise, we support the activity of the cardiovascular system and encourage metabolism and thus efficient fat burning. Pauses between exercises are usually chosen to allow movement from one station to another. It is very important to choose the appropriate load, which must be such as to allow quick execution of exercises with an emphasis on the correct technique. Our circular trainings are accompanied by motivational music that will kick you properly.A well-designed circle training will train and strengthen the whole body, help burn fat and shape the body.

WHEN: Every TUESDAY  and THURSDAY od from 18:00 to 19:00.

PRICE: 150 CZK / person (maximum number: 15 persons)


Boxing training for the general public in the professional environment of HDC Czech Republic with the possibility of individual boxing lessons. The trainings are intended for all those interested in all age groups, whether only to reduce overweight, strengthen physical condition or for the purpose of teaching self-defense.

For whom and why? 

The trainings are intended for men and women of all ages from the age of 14. Those interested have various motivations and goals for boxing, from physics to relaxation to self-defense.

  • Strengthening physical condition
  • Strengthening self-confidence (defense in case of attack)
  • Strengthening the whole body, harmonious strengthening of the lower, upper limbs and torso
  • Overweight reduction
  • Mental relaxation, especially during strenuous mental activity

WHEN: EVERY  WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY od from 18:00 to 19:00

PRICE: 150 CZK / person (maximum number: 15 persons)