Whom is the program for?

Training & diagnostic package is a connection of special ice hockey diagnostics (fitness-coordination testing & biomechanical analysis of skating technique) and training process on skatemill and off-ice.

Program description

  • 1x testing of fitness & coordination skills (1st training)
  • 1x opening biomechanical skating technique analysis (2nd training)
  • 12x training units on skating treadmill
  • 1x closing biomechanical skating technique analysis
  • 1x training plan

During the HDC Training & Diagnostic Training Units, unique technologies and equipment are used in HDC Czech Republic to increase the efficiency of the training process and to improve skating techniques:

  • Instructor – a software program for demonstration exercises
  • Live Delay – software program and camera system for instant feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation – Improves shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation – software to improve shooting accuracy
  • Laser System – laser aid for learning the right skating reflection